Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Father, The Son And President Obama

Pulled from a recent FB post I wrote:

I am not big on posting things that are too political or religious on Facebook. I always figured that’s what Twitter is for. But as someone who has worked in politics, I felt a need to respond to the friends and family on Facebook who think “God has forsaken us.” It is a bit more complicated than that.

Your right, God the father, or OTG as we call him in politics (Old Testament God), is a bit on the conservative side. And OTG is a pretty dependable Republican vote. But he has a son. And, as you know, JC went out in the real world, saw the pain and suffering, and devoted his life to helping the sick and the poor. He’s become a pretty dependable vote for the Democrats. In fact, sometimes he votes with the Green Party. Let’s just say JC is bit left of center.

So there is always a big debate in Heaven this time of year about which candidate to support. Tensions around the dinner table are on the high side, if you follow me. And all the campaigns call into their house asking for their vote. But here is what so many people forget: because as it turns out, the real swing vote there is the Holy Spirit.

These results simply show that HS is down with getting more people health coverage and cracking down on Wall Street excess. God hasn’t forsaken you. It’s just that this year, anyway, the “helping the poor” thing moved HS more than some other issues. It’s true, HS is tough to predict. Kind of like Soccer Moms, or lower –income independents. Some of us are still trying to figure out how HS went for G.W. Bush in a second term. One theory is that HS just didn’t vote that year, tipping the results to OTG. But that’s just a theory.

Anyway, I hope this helps bring some clarity. And remember, next election, focus your calls and prayers on HS. That should make things better for you.

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