Thanks for stopping by Ruddy Bits, and for clicking the "about" button. I guess now I'm supposed to tell you more about this blog and myself. So here goes.

Well, I'm a dad, obviously. My wife and I have four kids. That's about as many as you can have before people start thinking oddly of you. With four kids, old folks still stop you on the street and tell you what a beautiful family you have. With five, everyone expects you to start handing out pamphlets on the coming apocalypse. So, we have four.

I'm also a writer. Not a Tom Clancy-type writer, with lots of published books and all. I'm a writer like some people are hoarders. I really can't help it. Luckily, I've been able to get paid to be a writer -- mostly -- for a good part of my career. I was a writer/editor for a political news publication in Washington, D.C., for a while, then as Hillary Clinton's speechwriter for a bit. A few years back, I moved my growing family to Upstate New York in pursuit of a slower pace of life.

Since then, I've been a chief of staff for two local elected officials, a PR consultant, an adjunct writing professor at two colleges, and a freelance writer. It hasn't been slow.

When this blog began, the intent was to write about everything -- hence the name. Over time, it evolved into a parenting blog. I still write about fly fishing and politics and food, occasionally, but it turns out the great inspiration in my life -- and the recurring source of comedic muse -- happens to be the four children who live in our house.

Ruddy Bits is different than most dad blogs out there, especially the "popular" ones with lots of "readers." I don't impart wisdom too often, or give a ton of thoughtful advice. Mostly, I just write stories. Stuff happens -- funny stuff, infuriating stuff, random stuff -- and I write about it. It's my therapy.

That's as much about me as anyone should care to know or I care to share. Thanks again for stopping by. 

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