Monday, October 12, 2015

Kid Quotes from a Family Hike

“Do we have to go?”
“I hate hikes.”
“How far is it to the top, dad?”
“I need a hiking stick.”
“Can I have a piggy back?”
“She hit me with her stick!”
“Do you think we’re halfway yet?”
"He fell."
“I’m okay … I’m tough”
"Wanna trade walking sticks?"

“I wish this was flatter.”
“Maybe we should go back.”
“Did we take a wrong turn?”
“Is this the top, yet?”
“This is sooo farrrr.”
“I think I see the top.”
“C’mon … race you.”
“Can I have the camera?”

“How high are we?”
“Did you bring snacks?”
“I want the red water bottle.”
“There are so many lady bugs. Do they bite?”
“Ahh! One bit me!”
“I hate lady bugs!”
“Can we go, please?”
“I want to go that way.”
“Please can we go that way.”
“You are the least fun dad ever.”
“I’m hungry.”
“First one to catch a falling leaf wins.”
“How much farther to the car?”
“I’m tired.”
“I caught a leaf!”
“Everyone has caught a leaf but me.”
“Owie, Owie, Owie! Daddy, Daddy. Daddy!
“Can you carry me?”
“Do we have Band Aids in the car?”
“I think I can make it.”
“This is so steep. Did we walk up this?”
“Can we go to the waterfall before we leave?”
“Can I go behind the waterfall?”
“We’ll be fine!”
“How about only people 12 and older can go behind the waterfall?”
“That’s not fair.”
“We’ll be safe, I promise.”
“Can I go too, daddy?”
“I’m scared.”
“She pushed me.”
“We’re so high!”
“This is amazing!”
“Can I have the camera?”

“Best day ever.”
“Thanks, dad. You were right.”
“I’m soooo hungry.”

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1 comment:

Larry said...

I can definitely relate.
My wife and I love hiking yet the boys are not always on the same page.
Little whiny stinkers!
Glad for the happy ending.