Responses to "I  Like Donald Trump Because..."

[For the record, I wrote this before John Oliver did a similar bit, which he did in a much funnier and complete way -- Donald Drumpf ].

As someone who has worked in media, government and politics my whole career, I’m a bit surprised by the sheer number of Americans who seem so taken by Donald Trump’s candidacy. This guy is breaking every rule that every political consultant has told political hopefuls for a century – rules like, try not to offend too many people – and yet he’s winning anyway.

Then again, as someone who has worked in media, government and politics my whole career, I’m not surprised at all.

I believe most people in this country are rational, logical and intelligent. But a ton aren’t. There are plenty of sheep who let their emotions cloud their “thinking” and look for the easiest answers to life’s complex problems.

Still, I wrote this to help any potential Trump supporters out there by directly addressing the answers they may give as to why they’re thinking of supporting the Donald. Hopefully, this will help them understand their actual motivation and the consequence of their decision.

So here’s the question:

Why do You Like Donald Trump?

Some potential answers...
He says what everyone is actually thinking.

Let’s start with this one. Here goes: If Donald is saying what you’re thinking then, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you are likely a racist. You’re also a xenophobe and you probably have anger issues. Oh, and you’re a simpleton. Sorry for all the insults, but since you’re considering voting for Trump, I figured you’d be okay with name-calling. Insults might just be the best way to get through to you. So, I’m trying.

But seriously, do you really think a wall with Mexico is going to solve the challenges we face with immigration today? Do you know the challenges we face with immigration today? It’s not people crossing the southern border to take our jobs; It’s people living in the shadows and working under the table – work you don’t want to do, like picking apples and cleaning hotel rooms. It’s people who just want better lives, breaking the law because the law is broken. There are millions and millions of immigrants already here. What are we going to do about that? (Don’t say buses). Besides, what if Canada decides to build a wall along our Northern border to keep crazy Trump supporters out?

Do you see any irony with a free country surrounded by walls? Maybe you don’t.

He’s Honest.Really? No he’s not. Have you ever described a used car salesmen as honest? Trump sells casinos. Think about it.

Never mind the fact that several media outlets have labeled many of the claims he’s made during this campaign outright lies, or that Politifact awarded him the 2015 Lie of the Year+ Award and were unable to pick just one of his many lies. Just know that this guy has swindled and snookered more people in his business deals then you and I likely have ever met.

In an article for the conservative magazine National Review, Ian Tuttle wrote, “Donald Trump’s entire life has been an extended exercise in deception.”

Deception is a quintessential part of his game. Whether it’s fibbing about the details of his four bankruptcies or putting gold lipstick on one of the buildings that bear his name before he sells it, the man is a masterful liar.  If pressed, he’ll tell you that it’s just business. Isn’t that refreshing?

He has lived the American Dream, and Pulled Himself Up by the Boot Straps
The $1,200 Boots In Donald Trump's
Pulled-Himself-Up-By-The-Boot-Straps story
Good one! Yes, he’s rich, if that’s what you mean about the American dream thing. But he started out that way. His bootstraps were connected to hand-sewn leather Guccis.

His dad was a millionaire land developer. The Donald went to an exclusive prep school and an expensive Ivy League college. Then he fell into the family business, eventually getting $1 million dollar loan from pops to go out on his own.

Trump wants us all to believe he hit a homerun in life and that he can do the same for the nation. He neglects to tell us he was born on third base. And there’s his deception again.

He’s Not Politically Correct.

This is a popular one, and I think I get it. Wasn’t it better back when we could call the Irish “Mics” and Italians “WOPs” (which means With Out Papers), back when white people could say the N word, and we all called the mentally disabled the R word, and gay men the “F” word. Those were the days.

Oh, you’re not talking about that? Maybe I don’t know what you mean by this scourge of political correctness. Isn’t it just the practice of referring to others in a way that is not intentionally demeaning or purposely insensitive?

You see, condemning “political correctness” and shaking your head as you do so is akin to criticizing what most people consider to be just “common decency.” If you have such a problem with common decency that it’s going to cause you to support the biggest megalomaniac to ever seek public office in this country – and that’s saying something -- then there’s a good chance that you’re a complete moron, or intellectually challenged, if you prefer.

Please note, too, that you are currently free to be as politically incorrect as you want. It’s a free country. The rest of us decent folk just reserve the right to call you an asshole because of it.

He puts the media in their place.

This one is a bit more disturbing than some realize. Because, despite your current misgivings about journalism, the independent media has always been a vital component of our democracy. Our country’s founders knew that to have a functioning democracy, the people needed to be informed. They also knew that this job should not fall to the propagandist and public relations professionals who work for our government leaders (like me), but to a free press.

Donald Trump has open distain for the free media, and he goes so far as to personally attack journalists who dare question him. Of all his many offenses, this is one that speaks directly to core of our democratic system. It shows that he may not fully understand the tenets of the very country he hopes to lead.

I hate Politicians.

I get that one loud and clear. But, let’s play a little game called, why do you hate politicians so much?

Is it because they only do the bidding of billionaires? So, you’re plan is to elect Trump and eliminate the middleman? He’s a billionaire, remember. Is it because politicians are dishonest? (Please refer to the honesty answer above). Is it because they are obsessed with polls? Excuse me, but have you ever seen anyone in politics as preoccupied with polls as the Donald. He thinks they’re like the Nielsen ratings of politics, and I am afraid of the steps he’ll take as president to get better ratings. Does leadership care about the polls?

I Want to Make America Great Again.

It sounds sincere. But think deeply about this one for a minute. For starters, that’s just a trite political slogan. Isn’t it kind of silly for someone like yourself, who has disavowed politicians, to fall for this guy based on a simple political slogan?

Second, and more importantly, is America not great? Conservatives are always accusing liberals of talking down America. How does this slogan not do that? Did you know that in the past eight years unemployment has been cut in half, the Dow Jones has doubled, and 15 million more Americans have healthcare?

If America has a problem today it’s that we’re more divided than ever before: red states and blue states, corporations and working people, black and white. So how are we going to solve that problem by electing the Donald “the Divider-in-Chief” Trump?


So there you have it; these are the typical answers supporters of Donald Trump give when asked why they support him. Yet, as you can see, these aren’t the most well thought answers.

The real reason most people support Trump is that they’re angry – angry about stagnant wages, mounting debt, the fact that their progress along the American dream seems to be stuck in neutral – and they don’t know who to be mad at. So they’ve found a candidate who’s angry, too, and he’s mad at everyone except them.

The question I have is this: What will you do when the Donald turns on you? Because, if he gets elected and our country goes down the crapper, it’s going to be nobody’s fault but yours.

So choose carefully.

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